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Ruthless McDraw Memorial

Spirit of the Game Award

Since 2011 we have presented this award to deserving individuals who have represented the Spirit of the Game through their dedication to the Tusco Long Riders. Ruthless McDraw showed us all what the Spirit of the Game is about. She is greatly missed and we keep her memory alive through this award.

The Award Reads:

"Ruthless McDraw epitomized the Cowboy Way in everything she did.

Ruthless was a true ambassador for the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.

Her enthusiasm to our game and to those who compete with us made each shoot better and more fun.

It is in this spirit that we honor the following cowboy/cowgirl for their dedicated service to the Tusco Long Riders during the 20XX shooting season."

2022 Award Winners:

Angie Oakley

Money Bags

Sixgun Seamus

Stone Creek Drifter

2021 Award Winners:

Turkey Flats Jack

Split Rail

Frontier Lone Rider

Hooligan Howes

2020 Award Winners:

Chuckwagon Pam


Prairie Dawg

Laramie Leadslinger

LaPorte Lefty

2019 Award Winners:


Stone Creek Drifter

Bobtown Cooter

2018 Award Winners:

Split Rail

Len Bosio

Laramie Leadslinger

Laporte Lefty

2017 Award Winners:

Gray Hare

Hooligan Howes


2016 Award Winners:

Baby Doll Blue

Split Rail

Dewey Shootem

Chuck Wagon Pam aka Pam Legg


2015 Award Winners:

Raging Thunder

Streak Lightning

Angie Oakley

Six Gun Seamus


2014 Award Winners:

BobTown Cooter

John Barleycorn

Dewey Shootem

One-Shot Al/Needle-Eye Annie


2013 Award Winners:

Six Gun Seamus

Stone Creek Drifter


Rye Miles


2012 Award Winners:

Jesse Duke



TJ Reese


2011 Award Winners:

Ohio Cheatin Charlie

Rowdy Red Tailor

Shotgun Slade

Troyer Valley Shootist

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